Electronic Invoicing, Fool’s Gold?

Posted in Business Philosophy / Printing Products on February 09, 2014

flyingmoneyI have been vindicated! I get testy with vendors that send invoices via email. They go to spam, they go to the wrong person, they fall outside the normal flow of our invoice payment processing, and frequently we have to answer phone calls regarding non payment of these invoices. In other words, they become exceptions and in our business we work hard to minimize exceptions.

A recent post at twosides.us, twosides.us/US/Can-Paper-Bills-Be-More-Cost-Effective-than-E-bills, documents an excellent study by Danish company Natur-Energi that concludes “it cost the company $3.25 per customer to get paid by paper invoice and $5.75 per customer billed by e-mail.” This, despite the fact postage in Denmark is almost twice United States postage.

Read the post for the complete backstory, and keep those postal invoices coming.


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