Baseball and Business

Posted in Business Philosophy on July 27, 2014

TonyLaRussaYou may know that Tony La Russa, one of my all time favorite baseball coaches, is being inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame this year (2014). Tony was interviewed on NPR and had the following to say about his management style:

“Our style is very relationship driven, hands on, earning respect and trust, and showing players you cared for them . . .”

“We had a responsibility to, each year starting at zero, earn the respect and trust of our players. You know, you’re honest because that’s how they trust you. You have helpful things to say because that’s how they respect you. And you care for them, care what’s happening with their family and their private life, to the extent they open the door, and you care about what’s happening to them as a teammate. Then, by the way, that’s what they’re expected to do with each other.”

At PPI, we aspire to trusting, respectful relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, and we hope to inspire passion in those relationships. What better role model than Tony La Russa!


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