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Posted in Business Philosophy / Design on May 10, 2014

SwissCommLogoMy wife and I were traveling in Switzerland last year and we were frequently confronted with the ugliest, most visually disturbing logo I can remember; the logo for SwissCom, the Swiss telecommunications giant.  The graphics committee (it had to be a committee) responsible for this should be lined up and shot.

Ideally a logo is a simple visual description, generally with the following design objectives:

       Visual clarity with bold, simple design elements

       Visual impact in 1 color or full color

       Works in all mediums (paper, banners, internet, etc)

       Maintains visual elements when reduced or enlarged

       Ideally conveys

o   What business you are in

o   Image (eg old fashioned, cutting edge, honest, high-end, successful)

o   How your business is different

Now I’m not suggesting this is an easy process. In fact, it can be a hard intellectual and visual mountain to climb. It is a wearying and expensive process so we are easily seduced by inferior ideas.

In my experience, the best insurance is a faithful pit bull designer that won’t let go, chewing and chewing until a brilliant idea takes shape.

As a practical matter, most of us are not SwissCom with thousands of dollars at our disposal for logo design.  On a budget, I suggest engaging an experienced graphics designer (we have several to choose from). Meet with the designer armed with concise answers to the above questions: “what business”, “image”, and “differentiation”, and examples of logos you like. Hint: Google logos or logo design.

If you have entries for our ugly logo contest, please email an image and where you encountered the monstrosity.


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