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Publish THIS Please

A guide to publishing Manuals, Booklets, Books, Directories, Handbooks, Training Material, Reports, Workbooks, Plan Books, Presentations (any project that you want to stay together in a certain order)

The Layout

As you can imagine,  unless you do it every day and have professional layout and design tools at your disposal, the process of preparing a publication for print can be daunting.  Consistent margins, pagination, inserting illustrations or photos, designing covers,  and then preparing a digital file that accurately reflects your painstaking layout are part of the process.

Detailed layout suggestions are beyond the scope of this article (perhaps a future article) but I do have one note of caution regarding Microsoft Word. Although we often print from Word, you must be aware that Word documents reformat when opened on a different computer.  What we print may be different than the layout on your computer.

Printing Decisions

If you’ve got a manual or booklet project to be printed, you’ll have a few decisions to make:

We’ll help you come to grips with these decisions. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call (662-680-4332) one of our experts.