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Safety Program

Client Problem:

Jim *, HR Director for a construction company, asked Donna to help develop an employee safety program. Jim’s company had recently been acquired and his new employer had excellent success with similar safety programs. These programs encourage employees to adhere to safety guidelines by rewarding them when the company meets safety objectives. Employees earn points which are used to purchase company branded products. Jim needed an experienced local company to take over product selection, catalog design, and fulfillment. 

The PPI Solution:

Donna researched various items in different price brackets to provide a variety of products suitable to both men and women. She worked with the design staff at PPI to create a catalog based on these products. Once the company approved the products and design, PPI printed and delivered the catalog, took orders from employees and filled those orders.

The program resulted in lower insurance premiums, improved employee morale and esprit de corp, and improved brand recognition.

*Name changed for privacy.