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Decrease costs with safety and wellness programs

Image is everything. And companies with fewer accidents, healthier employees and happier team members win a positive image in the community. They also find it easier and less expensive to maintain quality workers, fulfill contracts faster and spend less on workplace problems.

Workplace injuries average almost $40,000 per injury (National Safety Council). But companies with a safety incentive program have found a positive way to decrease injuries, time away from work and workman compensation costs while branding their company and rewarding their employees.

Safety programs do not apply solely to companies with employees at high risk for injury but also applies to companies who spend money each year on employees who call in sick to work. These companies can create a wellness program to reward employees for taking steps to increase their overall wellness such as losing weight, stopping smoking, exercising and eating healthier.

Steps to creating a successful safety program

  • Identify safety/wellness issues within your company
  • Create goals for improved safety/wellness
  • Offer reward points to employees who participate in the wellness/safety program
  • Choose products to offer at various point levels
  • Celebrate achievement of your goals by encouraging employees to spend their safety/wellness points on branded merchandise twice a year.

The benefits include healthier employees, fewer safety problems and less time spent training new employees. Plus the world gets to see your logo on your employees’ new shirts, caps, or even golf clubs!

How PPI Can Help You Create a Safety and Wellness Program